Integrated Solutions from a Complete Provider

EduGlobal realises that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts when it comes to entering and operating in the China international education market. This is why we operate as much more than a student recruiter. The cornerstone of EduGlobal's success lies in offering individualised, integrated solutions to our clients and partners, whatever their challenges and goals may be.

British University

As an institution with a mid-level ranking and only incidental experience in international recruitment, this client turned to EduGlobal to provide local insight and to shape the entry strategy and market expectations.

British University

EduGlobal recommends utilising a number of opportunities through our service suite in order to demystify ranking perceptions and diversify the incoming student body from China.The services recommended to this client during the first 12 months would include:

British University

Through Counselor Training, Event Management, a Chinese Language Website, and an Online Advertsiing Campaign, the client received positive results and continues to find success in their recruitment each year.

  • Aiming to make China a major recruitment hub
  • Capable of investing a moderate budget in recruitment tools
  • Targeting high school students interested in technical school programs

Within the first year, the university saw an increase in student enquiries and a two-fold increase in successful applications, yielding a more diverse incoming student body from China. The Chinese Language Website became an extremely valuable tool, with traffic doubling at key recruitment times. By year two, students noticeably recognised the school by name at Roadshows and expos, and the institution’s relationships in China continue to grow.

Counselor Training

  • Establish a relationship with our national network of counselors through video or in-person training
  • Emphasise unique selling points and details of the application process & popular programs
  • Use counselor training materials, regular updates and phone/video conferences to provide additional insight into the institution

Event Management

  • Provide the opportunity to meet with local students and families, establishing credibility and trust in the local market
  • Put a face to the name, creating a stronger connection to your institution and brand
  • Gain on-the-ground experience & understanding of key local markets, connecting one-on-one or in large forums

Chinese Language Website

  • A central portal, easily & consistently distributing the latest information to the entire local student & agent market
  • Ensure relevance by reflecting institution message while effectively engaging the local audience
  • Utilise an actionable platform for online enquiries & applications in Chinese

Online Advertising

  • Complement on-the-ground events with informative, engaging ads on the industry’s most valuable websites
  • Increase brand recognition, traffic & enquiries through focused promotions
  • Gain valuable market knowledge through data tracking & analysis of campaign activity