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Canada Aims to Woo International Students

TORONTO — The number of college and university students studying internationally has grown more than fourfold since 1975 — and Canada wants a larger share of that market.[CA]


Intense competition places news emphasis on branding

“Higher education is the most complex, expensive intangible most people will ever purchase, and the “purchase decision” is therefore powerfully influenced by brand reputation.” [ICEF]


High school students want class act overseas

A growing number of high school students are opting for university preparatory schools overseas, specialists said ahead of major education expo. [USA]


Sauder to train Chinese bureaucrats in public policy

UBC has finalized a deal for Chinese government officials to come to the university and take summer classes for the next five years. [CA]


China students barred in visa clamp

International students returning from China after their holidays are being denied entry to New Zealand and having their visas cancelled because they have not made good progress on their courses. [NZ]


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