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Almanac of Higher Education 2014

As colleges in the United States get involved in more global exchanges, they struggle to ensure that those opportunities are inclusive and in accord with American academic standards. Meanwhile, a decrease in the number of students coming to the United States from South Korea has caused some concern: Could students from other Asian countries be the next to lose interest?[US]


University of Dundee Business School China Interview Sessions in October

University of Dundee Business School China Interview Sessions in October,Interview Majors:Accounting,Accounting,Financial Economics etc.[UK]


Storytelling in Overseas Student Marketing

What does storytelling have to do with overseas student marketing? How can improved storytelling help institutional marketing teams to improve their international student recruitment strategies? Paul Jensen, Weber Shandwick's President of Corporate Practice in North America brought these topics to life.[Intend]


Which Universities Are Effectively Using Social Media?

We post a lot of resources here about using social media in the classroom – it is one of the most requested topics, most often emailed about, most popular posts and overall topics in general for Edudemic. How to use Facebook in the classroom. How to use Twitter to boost your professional development. How to use Instagram in the classroom. All great topics – but we shouldn’t forget that the administrative end of schools can also put social media to good use – and they often are! The handy infographic below takes a look at colleges and universities that are using social media, and shows how they’re using it. Keep reading to learn more. [Edudemic]


Shortage of science grads poses an impending innovation problem for Canada

The products of Canadian ingenuity span the ages, from Bell’s telephone to BlackBerry’s. But Canada could soon face an innovation deficit, because the country has a relatively low number of science graduates, according to the Conference Board of Canada.[CA]


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