Technology in Class

There’s no denying technology is pervasive in today’s world. As a teacher, however, I would rarely allow it into my classroom. Ultimately, the decision whether to embrace technology in class or not is up to the teacher. When we return to the real world after the bell, we will inevitably need to switch back to the online world. Will your campus be ready for it?

Using technology to improve education has proven to be today’s reality, not a future concept. Which hardware and software is needed will certainly depend on the course being taught. The kind of hardware students will be required to use, such as device minimum-specifications, must be clearly spelled out early on, especially for international students who will likely be making their purchases before arriving in Canada. Students will also need to assured there is ample customer service options for their connectivity needs.

The case for using high tech tools in class is actually very clear to me, and I believe to most others. But not everyone is ready for this encroachment into their classes. Sadly, the ones too often not ready are the teachers, because there has not been enough investment in training them properly, or at all. Thus, students who need tech support may not be able to rely on them.

While the costs of building and maintaining the infrastructure for a robust and secure Wi-Fi network will already have been budgeted for, ensuring support is in place for unexpected downtimes must also be in place.

Investment in technology – especially the associated costs of training - cannot be put off. Most students will already be familiar with the fundamentals of computers, especially as a means of staying connected to friends and family back home.

Ultimately, the decision to use technology in the classroom is up to the teacher. However, all schools must provide basic infrastructure and adequate support for today’s reality.

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