October – The month with full prosperity for Overseas Education

In October every year, there are number of education events will be held in China. It is mainly to be seen as a great opportunity for overseas institutions to start their market promotions in advance for the forthcoming new semester intake in 2013. For Australian institutions, October is quite vital as the Universities general intake usually start at February and July every year. For UK institutions, although the number of intake also same as Australia, but the September intake always tend to be the most critical one.

For either students or institutions, October can be seen like a fresh start in the whole year. For institutions, it is a good time for them to presentthe newly-issued prospectus, entry requirements etc. Additionally, overseas representatives can also communicate with students & parents face to face to understand their actual needs, it may also help institutions to improve their conversion rates of recruitment as the direct communication usually provide students a really good general vision about the institution. For students themselves, following with many overseas institutions will open the applications to student candidates, students would consider planning their applications after gathering sufficient information in the next couple of months.

There are number of ways that overseas institutions usually adopt to meet students:

  •       * China Education Expo: Every October, the ministry of Education will organize this kind of big event in couple of major cities nationwidelike Beijing, Shanghai etc. The event usually attracts thousands by thousands visitors to come alongside with active participation of hundreds of overseas institutions from different nations.
  •       * Education Agent’s Exhibition: Throughout the whole October, many education agents will organize their own exhibition to attain students’ attention. Some institutions’ representative will also be invited to join this kind of event to promote and meet students in person.
  •       * General Office Visit: It seems to be the most common way for representatives to adopt as they can spend short period of time to meet their authorized business partners and deliver essential training as well as undertake interview session to meet students.

Surely it is definitely a busy month for EduGlobal as there are lots of institutions will make their visits to our head office as well as branch offices to support our event. However, the company is still expecting to meet you and your institutions. There are still plenty of times available for us to meet altogether for further conversation. For more details, you can reach to our dedicated Client Relations Manager via email as we all really glad to help you settle your appointment.

In China, there is an old saying: “Autumn is the season for great harvest “. No matter if you are our client institutions or currently non-client institutions, I would wish you all have made a remarkable achievement in this prosperous month.

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