New issued Scheme tightens the Sino-Ireland relationship

Following with the recent diplomatic visits to Ireland, Chinese Vice- President Xi Jinping has reached the agreement with Irish Prime Minister in many clauses, one in particular is to offer 400 extra visas for Chinese candidates to learn English courses in Irish government assigned institutions.

The scheme, named as “Pilot programme”, mainly targets on the age between 18-30 years old candidates, to offer them special shortcut to learn English in Ireland without wondering the issue of Visa application. The candidate only needs to prove they are at least high school graduates, with clear career development and can clearly outline the importance of English improvement to their future careers. The scheme doesn’t set up severe financial assessment as well as education background review against students. The issue of the scheme would play an vital role in enhancing the education exchange between bilateral sides.

In comparison with other “hot” countries, like the US, UK, Canada etc, which would gather many Chinese overseas students each year, Irish education tends to be not that popular among students but the quality of education, as the matter of fact, is at the same level as other “hot spots” usually deliver to students. In some areas, for example, IT, Pharmacy and so on, Ireland offer even better quality of teaching and career development than other countries. After President Xi’s visit to Ireland, Irish government sent many delegations and the top governors, including Prime Minister to visit China in the last few months. All in all, the government officials between two sides are expecting to further tighten the diplomatic relationship by reaching the mutual agreements in many fields.

“Pilot programme” would bring more opportunities for Chinese people to obtain better understandings of the Ireland; learn the real, traditional English to improve their own English capabilities. For Ireland, with the flooding of Chinese students, it will further boost the country’s economic growth, improve the country’s education regime as well as broaden the country’s image among Chinese people. We are expecting to see the scheme would last for even long period of time to maintain the Sino-Ireland relationship.

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