Integrated Solutions from a Complete Provider

EduGlobal realises that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts when it comes to entering and operating in the China international education market. This is why we operate as much more than a student recruiter. The cornerstone of EduGlobal’s success lies in offering individualised, integrated solutions to our clients and partners, whatever their challenges and goals may be.

Canadian Public District

After learning that a similar district had begun actively recruiting in China with much success, this school board contacted EduGlobal in search of a solutions provider capable of driving global enrolment and creating benchmarks for recruiting in other regions.

Canadian Public District

EduGlobal advocates overcoming the client’s challenges by properly educating counselors and by emphasising brand awareness during these early stages. The recommendations offered to this client during the first 12 months would include:

Canadian Public District

Based on EduGlobal’s recommendations, the client chose to utilise a number of options including counselor training, local brochure printing, web advertising, and visited three EduGlobal offices to conduct Specialised Seminars.

  • Targeting parents and students looking for high school programs, aiming for 5-10 students in 1st year of engagement
  • Modest budget, expecting a quick return on initial recruiting investments
  • Facing 2 primary challenges: Lower education sees less recruitment activity, and there are fewer opportunities for local exposure

When combined with EduGlobal's own recruitment, these tools would allow for an optimal number of face-to-face moments with parents & students and promote brand recognition and legitimacy in the local industry – both extremely crucial factors for applicants at this age. By demonstrating such commitment to the local recruiting strategies, parents are encouraged and confident that this school is the right choice for their student.

Counselor Training

  • Establish a relationship with our national network of counselors through video or in-person training
  • Emphasise unique selling points and review application details & popular program specs
  • Use counselor training materials, regular updates and phone/video conferences to provide additional insight into the institution

Special Seminars

  • Held in any of the EduGlobal Offices and promoted on and offline
  • Meet with an interested audience, answer questions and gain the trust of students and parents, cautious when deciding where to send their young teen
  • Complement other larger Expos & Roadshows held in the same cities

Printed Materials

  • Brochures and information pamphlets are a trusted, traditional way of bringing information to the local market
  • Establish professionalism while validating the client’s image as outlined by counselors
  • Focus energies elsewhere, as each step from design consultation to distribution is directed and monitored by EduGlobal Communications

Informational Web Advertisement

  • Complement printed materials with full-page informational ads on the industry’s most valuable websites
  • Reap some of the same benefits of a Chinese Language Website at a smaller scale and on a smaller budget
  • Ensure that the most critical and essential information is readily available online